A Maker's Story: about details

We spend a lot of our time (hours, evenings, days sometimes) thinking about all the little details that go into a bag or a wallet. It may be because Mike is an architect as well as a bag maker and so has been trained to consider the details, but we both definitely have the bug.

We tend to start with an overall idea of the type of bag we want to design, but for us, it's all those little, seemingly insignificant details that will eventually bring the design to life. How wide a hem should be, how a strap joins a canvas bag (how many rivets, spacing, angles), how one type of material junctions a different material, the curve (or not) of a pocket - each little detail is discussed, mulled over, played around with. There can be surprisingly lengthy discussions between us both about where a stitch line should end!

In the end, we are always trying to strike a fine balance between function, simplicity, strength and beauty when we think about the details of each design. And in being so obsessed over the details we hope that those details will add up to a cohesive, functional whole.