A Maker's Story: on being slow

We're the first to admit that we can be a little on the slow side. Slow developing new ideas, slow making things, slow updating websites, slow taking photographs (maybe a bit slow answering emails sometimes?!) - so maybe just a bit slow?

But the thing is we think being slow is (probably) OK.

Being 'slow' means that we take time to appreciate and enjoy the small, simple things in life. Time to literally stop and smell the roses. It means that decisions we make can be quietly considered, thoughtful, and that we can take pleasure from the process - all good things.

It took us a while to realise - but we really like 'Slow' and it turns out that slow is part of both our personalities. We both have an aversion to rushing around and excessive, mindless busyness. We shy away from crowded bustling places and motorways (well if we can anyway). Instead we go for long walks and crave wild uninhabited places.

Whatever it means, it works for us. It may be an excuse for tardiness, it may be a little annoying to those on the other end of an email (sorry!). But we will get there in the end. And hopefully it will be worth it.