Built To Last

We want our bags to last for a long time, so we use traditional materials that have been designed (and have proven) to last for generations. We choose our materials based on durability, quality and aesthetics and aim to source our materials (wherever possible) from small, like-minded British manufacturers.

Waxed Cotton Canvas

We use a thick 18oz (pre-wax weight) cotton canvas with a traditional waxed finish, sourced from a factory in Scotland that has been producing waxed fabrics for 150 years. The waxed canvas is strong, durable and weatherproof and naturally creases, develops scuffs and marks, and gains character through its use.

Hardware & Thread

We choose to use hand hammered solid copper rivets, solid brass fittings, traditional waxed linen thread for hand stitching leather and heavyweight bonded nylon thread for bag seams. All are chosen for their strength, durability and aesthetic qualities.

Oak Bark Tanned Bridle Leather 

From a small, centuries old tannery hidden away in Devon we source thick (3-4mm) English bridle leather - the best out there. Using a traditional and sustainable oak bark tanning process, the hides take over a year to be tanned and are hand finished with natural oils and waxes, to produce leathers that are unequal in terms of strength, durability and beauty (and the smell is amazing!).

We love the unique beauty of the grain and variation of markings of each leather hide, and over time and through use the leather will naturally darken and develop a rich patina.

The Devon tannery uses only local hides. We care a lot about the welfare standards of animals so it is important for us to know that our leather comes from English cows that are subject to high British welfare standards.