Make Well

Our guiding principle. We believe in doing things properly. Our aim is to make durable goods, that are built to last. For us, this means using more traditional materials, that are proven to last for a long time. Heavy waxed canvas, strong English bridle leather, solid brass fittings and hand hammered copper rivets. Taking care in the making and construction of our bags. Choosing the proper way over the easier way.

Design Well

Thoughtfully designed, functional everyday bags is what we do. Less is more, simple is better. Designed to look good and work well.

Go Explore

Get outdoors. Go explore. The mountains, valleys, forests, the sea. Taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures of the salty sea air, a star filled sky, a wildflower meadow, a rugged hillside. These are the things we love. These are the things we value.

Slow is OK

We like slow. Taking our time, enjoying the small things. We make our bags this way - slowly, thoughtfully and with care.


Be Kind. Be Responsible

To people, to businesses, to the environment. Knowing and caring where our materials come from. Supporting likeminded British businesses. Looking after the environment -  by making bags that are built to last, by being thoughtful in our packaging and waste. We care about these things. It's good to be kind and it's good to take responsibility.

Be Daring

Do what you love. Have passion, have fun. Be brave, take a risk, try new things. The locals say 'plough your own furrow'.

Small is Good

Small is good. Individual is good. It's just the two of us and that's ok. Making a small number of bags, each with love, care and attention to detail - from the first mark on the fabric to the last copper rivet. Our four hands do everything. We like that our smallness means that we can be personal and personable in all that we do. We are small, we are friendly and we care.