2016 Our Favourite Bits

So, the depths of winter and the start of a new year seems like a pretty appropriate time to look back at some of our favourite times from 2016, and reminisce for a few quiet moments in front of a roaring fire and with a cup of tea in hand, why don't you come and join us!

Looking back at 2016, much happened. New things were made, new places were discovered (not literally discovered for the first time by us - you know what we mean!), new friends and collabs were formed and the workshop had a satisfying and encouraging buzz about it.

So here's our roundup, in no particular order, of things that happened in the year just passed that we really liked:

1) we finally made our rolltop rucksack in waxed canvas (and we love it!);
2) we made a Musette bag (and we love that too!);
3) we collaborated with Another Escape magazine to make a felt pocketed leather journal;
4) we went to the sea;
5) our collaborations with The Future Kept continued with slate coloured, and full leather versions of our Roam camera bag;
6) we made a Musette bag (have we done that one already?!);
7) we made a lovely collapsible and rollable foraging bag for ace woodworker Alice Blogg (we'll definitely have to make a few more of these);
8) we made a leather pencil case, something that had been in our sketchbook in one form or another from the first days of RK;
9) autumn was the best!

Lots to be excited about and lots more planned for the coming year, and although January has been a bit of a slow burner (does anyone else struggle sometimes with a post Christmas slump?), I think were just about ready to do this 2017 thing. Happy New Year folks!