Another Escape x Rural Kind: Journal Sleeve

These collaboration Journal Sleeves are now available to buy exclusively at Another Escape.

This collaboration has been in the works for sometime, so we are pretty excited to finally share it. We are big fans of Another Escape - a small independent publication focussed on outdoor lifestyle, creative culture, sustainability and people, with inspiring essays and photography. So when Jody Daunton and Rachel Taylor (the founders of Another Escape), approached us with the idea of a collaboration we didn't have to think long about it. We have a very similar outlook on life and shared values, so the idea of a leather journal sleeve to jot down thoughts and ideas, with a nod to the traditional explorer journals of old, seemed to us a perfect fit. 

Made from our dark brown oak bark tanned leather, and natural wool felt inner, we designed and made this journal with the idea that it will be carried throughout life, developing character with use, and be a reminder of the journeys you have been on. The elastic allows full notepads to be removed and replaced, and the felt liner creates a couple of pockets to store paper, receipts, photos, tickets... or anything else you may want to tuck away for safekeeping. The closure is made from a leather washer (we make these from scraps of our leather - we're  aiming for minimal wastage) riveted to the lid; a short length of British made black elastic loops around the washer and keeps everything nice and snug. 

(A little aside story here. We took inspiration for this closure from what we thought were Japanese style envelopes - the ones with 2 kraft card buttons and a piece of string to wrap around and keep the envelope secure. But on closer scrutiny - and being of the nerdy sort who likes to know the history of things - it seems that the 'tension tie' envelope was invented in the 1880s in New York. At that time 3rd and 4th class mail were not allowed to be permanently sealed (who knows why?), and  hence the reason why the string tie and button system was invented. The envelope was so popular that the company who created it changed their name to the Tension Envelope Company and still exist today).

As with all our leather goods, the journal is made completely by hand - the leather cut with a sharp knife, the stitch holes individually punched and hand sewn with waxed linen thread. Built for durability with a simple aesthetic and made to be a lifelong companion. 

The journal sleeve is exclusively available at Another Escape. Find out more and purchase one here, or scroll down for some more images. We also had a fun day this summer when Another Escape visited us for the day to document the making of a journal and to chat about our processes and values. You can see more photos, and if you have a spare 5 minutes, read the interview here.