Custom Project: Aprons for Superfolk

We were recently approached by Superfolk to design and make them a pair of aprons for use while creating their beautiful botanical prints and giving demos of the block-printing process. Having not made an apron since creating one for our 'make a thing a day' challenge on instagram in April 2015 (but thinking we would get around to making another someday!), we welcomed the opportunity to craft a couple of aprons for the wonderful Superfolk (their wares are beautiful - we have a some of their botanical prints and they are stunning - you can check their website out here).

For the aprons, we used our heavy duty  tobacco waxed canvas, paired with tan brown leather, copper rivets and solid brassware. We kept the front fairly clean looking, with two tall pockets for holding tools, phones (and hands), but positioned towards the side of the apron so that they wouldn't get in the way while working.  The back detail was designed to spread the weight of the apron evenly across the shoulders, rather than on the neck, and was inspired by a pair of trouser braces. The added (unintended) bonus to this detail was that the weight of the fabric at the front and the leather straps seem to balance itself out and feels relatively light.

Take a look below for a few more images.